Children’s Tooth Extraction: How to Prepare Your Child

Children’s Tooth Extraction: How to Prepare Your Child

Dental care can be scary for kids, especially when it involves tooth removal. To help your child stay calm and ensure a smooth process, there are a few ways to prepare them ahead of time. 


Read to learn our dentist’s top tips for preparing your child for tooth removal.

Why is Tooth Removal Necessary for Kids?

Tooth extraction is never the dentist’s first choice, for kids or adults. However, in some situations, it’s the best option for long-term dental health. In some cases, the dentist may remove some of your child’s teeth to set up their mouth for orthodontic care (like braces). Other times, the tooth may be damaged beyond repair, or cause harm to neighboring teeth. 


Our dental team only advises tooth extraction when it’s the top option for your smile. We will clearly explain the rationale behind the removal and how it benefits your child’s smile.

How to Prepare Kids for Tooth Extraction

Taking time to prep your child before tooth extraction can help put their nerves at ease and ensure a more pleasant experience. Explain the purpose of the tooth removal and that it’s beneficial for their smile. Ensure that they know it won’t be painful and that the dentist will make sure they are comfortable throughout the procedure.


A few other helpful tips include:

Reiterate that the process is not painful

Explain why it is essential and the benefits

Listen to your child’s expression and hear out their concerns

Watch a child-friendly video or read a book about kids’ tooth removal

Allow your child to pick out a small treat or choose their recovery supplies

Visit Our Children’s Dentist in
London, ON

Another critical step in preparing for children’s tooth removal is to choose a dedicated, compassionate dentist. Our dentist in London offers comprehensive children’s dental care in London to take the best care of your little one’s smile. Our main goal is to help them care for all of their natural teeth, but if tooth removal is necessary you can count on our team for quality care. 

Contact us and book an appointment with our children’s dentist in London today.

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