Dentures in London, ON

Get your smile back with removable teeth replacements for missing teeth and gum tissue.
Dental Dentures in London, ON

Decaying, damaged, or missing teeth can affect your daily life and oral health. Since dentistry is all about teeth, having a confident, healthy, beautiful smile is important, even for patients wearing dentures. That’s why our London dentists offer various types of dentures to patients with multiple missing teeth in St. Thomas, Woodstock, and Mt. Brydges, ON.


Our restorative dentists offer the latest modern denture treatments to help you achieve a dazzling, complete smile! Read our helpful guide below to learn more about dentures and find which type is the right one for you.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable, natural-looking replacement teeth that restore your smile’s functionality. Dentures are supported by the surrounding tissues of your mouth. They’re an ideal solution for patients missing most or all of their natural teeth.

At Alba Dental Centre, we provide personalized denture services that meet the needs and comfort of our patients. All of our patients are unique, which is why we create one-of-a-kind dentures that feel good and look natural. No matter which type of dentures you decide on, your restoration will be reliable and well-fitting for years to come.

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures

Full (complete) dentures are for patients with severe cases of tooth loss or decay, such as in the case of missing an entire arch in the upper or lower jaw. They’re designed to replace all of a patient’s teeth at once and use suction and adhesives to stay in place. Complete dentures are typically removable for easy maintenance.

Conventional full dentures are placed after the gum tissue has healed, which can take several months. Immediate dentures are placed right after the teeth have been removed and may require visits to our London office in the first couple of months of use for adjustments.

Partial Dentures

Patients who only have a few missing teeth may benefit from partial dentures. They‘re attached to a metal frame that’s connected to your natural teeth and are used to fill in where the permanent teeth have been removed. Partial dentures are considered a removable alternative to bridges.

Benefits of Dentures

If you choose to receive dentures, you’ll receive a variety of benefits, including:

Ideal Candidates for Dentures

Candidacy for dentures depends on several factors with your overall oral health. During your initial consultation, one of our dentists will look for factors such as:

If you’re interested in learning more about dentures and want to know if they’re the right choice for you, please schedule an appointment. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Regain Your Healthy, Stunning Smile With Dentures

At Alba Dental Centre, our goal is to give you the best dental care possible to ensure you have a healthy, complete smile. With our dentures, we can provide you with the best combination of dignity, comfort, and ability.

To schedule an appointment with one of our dentists, call our London office at (519) 777-2020. You can also request an appointment and one of our friendly staff will get back to you promptly. Our Ontario dentists and staff proudly provide services to patients in the London, ON area and surrounding areas like St. Thomas, Woodstock, and Mt. Brydges, ON. We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream smile!

FAQs About Dentures in London, ON

Full and partial dentures can last up to eight years or more before needing replacement. You can achieve longer longevity out of your restorations with proper care and maintenance. You should practice good oral hygiene habits such as:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing daily
  • Soaking your dentures overnight
  • Visiting our London office biannually for professional dental cleanings and checkups
We recommend patients remove their dentures overnight to let their gums rest. Failure to remove your dentures before sleeping can result in bad breath and denture stomatitis (oral thrush). Thrush is a condition where your gums become swollen, inflamed, and yeast-infected due to overexposure to bacteria growing between the gums and dentures, as well as the lack of saliva exposure to your gums. However, patients can wear their dentures based on their preferred schedule since there’s no minimum time to wear them.

If your dentures have broken or don’t fit properly, it can affect your bite and oral health. Don’t try to repair your dentures at home, it can cause further damage to your dentures and harm you. Contact our London office at (519) 777-2020 to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

The exact cost of your dentures will depend on several factors, including what type of dentures you need and your insurance policy. We recommend you call your insurance provider beforehand to learn more about your coverage plan. During your initial consultation, your dentist will provide you with the details of your treatment plan and estimated cost.

We also provide affordable financing options to ease your financial worries. If you have any questions about your financial arrangements, call our London office at (519) 777-2020 and we will be happy to assist you.

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