Tongue Tie in London, ON

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Tongue Tie Treatment in London, ON
Do you or someone you know experience difficulty with speaking, breathing, or feeding? These may be symptoms of ankyloglossia, also known as tongue tie. A tongue tie is a condition that restricts the movement and range of motion of the tongue.

Up to 10% of people are born with tongue ties, but the severity can range from mild to severe. Severe cases seriously affect your ability to eat and speak. Fortunately, our team at Alba Dental Centre can help release your tongue and restore its full function with our tongue tie treatment in London.

Tongue Tie Symptoms

The small tissue under the tongue, called the lingual frenulum, is supposed to separate after birth to allow the tongue full movement. However, in some cases, this tissue remains attached. This causes tongue tie and several oral health difficulties.

Tongue-tie symptoms vary in severity. It’s most common in babies who have not received treatment yet. Breastfeeding mothers may notice it first. Infants with tied tongues often have difficulty feeding because they cannot latch properly. Other symptoms to watch out for include problems with speaking, breathing, and swallowing.

How to Treat Tongue Tie

The good news is that tongue-tie does not have to be permanent. The most effective way to treat it is with a frenotomy procedure, also known as tongue tie surgery. During this procedure, the dentist snips the tissue that holds the tongue down to release it.

Although this procedure may sound daunting, it is painless. Our skilled tongue-tie dentist uses surgical scissors to snip the frenulum. In some cases, local anesthesia may be necessary. For many minor cases, it is not.

Most infants who undergo tongue tie surgery in London are able to latch immediately after the procedure.

Visit Us For Tongue Tie Treatment In London, ON

At Alba Dental Centre, we provide quality dental care for all patients, including little ones with tongue tie. Our certified dentist in London diagnose and treat this condition, restoring your tongue’s full range of motion to improve your daily life and comfort level.


If you or someone you know experiences tongue-tie symptoms, schedule an appointment for tongue tie in London, ON.

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