Dental Bridge in London, ON

Turn to Alba Dental Centre for dental bridges and replace missing teeth today!
Tooth Bridge in London, ON

Dental bridges are a fixed permanent prosthesis that helps replace missing teeth. Today the materials available allow dental bridges to provide very aesthetic outcomes in certain cases.


If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on the case a dental bridge can be a great solution and can help avoid wearing dentures.


For a dental bridge in Burlington, turn to Lighthouse Dental Care.  We offer dental restoration solutions, including dental bridge treatment. Our dedicated team will assess your smile and help you determine whether a dental bridge is right for you!

Types of Tooth Bridges in Burlington

The adjacent teeth around the tooth gap support the dental bridge. The dentist first prepares those teeth and installs crowns to protect them. The crowns can support the weight of the artificial tooth used in the bridge.


We offer several types of dental bridges depending on your unique needs. Our dental bridge restorations include:

Why Choose A Bridge?

Dental bridges offer many helpful benefits for your oral health. The top reasons to consider a tooth bridge include:

The Cost of a Tooth Bridge

Many patients want to know about the cost of dental care, especially when it comes to tooth bridges. The price of dental bridge treatment varies depending on your specific needs. The bridge material, location, and type all influence the price.


Luckily, we accept dental insurance, which may cover part or all of your procedure. If you don’t have insurance or your plan doesn’t cover a tooth bridge, we’re happy to discuss financing options and payment plans.  We never want costs to prevent people from getting the dental care they need. After your dental consultation, we’ll give you a detailed quote for your unique bridge treatment.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Burlington

Replace your missing tooth and complete your smile with the help of Lighthouse Dental Care. If you think you are a good candidate for a dental bridge call our office today and schedule an appointment. Our dedicated team of dentists will assess whether it’s the right option for you and are happy to answer any questions you have.


Schedule your appointment for a permanent bridge in Burlington today!

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