Essential Questions to Ask Your Child’s Dentist

Child In A Bathrobe Brushing Her Teeth

Looking after your child’s teeth is crucial, and choosing the right dentist is a key step.


Asking the right questions helps parents make smart decisions about their children’s dental care.


In this guide, we’ll explore the key questions to ask your kids’ dentist to ensure your child gets the best quality care.

When Should My Child First Go to the Dentist?

Starting dental care early is important. Ask when your child should have their first dental visit. At Alba Dental Centre in London, ON, we suggest bringing in your child for their first dental appointment around their first birthday. The first appointment is not long or extensive, but it gives us a chance to begin monitoring your child’s dental development.

What Tips Do You Recommend for At-Home Dental Care for My Child?

Good home care is crucial for oral health. Ask your dentist for personalized tips and advice. Our team evaluates current oral hygiene practices and helps you and your child improve them. We also share plenty of fun resources to help with dental care adherence.

What Qualifications Does Your Team Have for Children’s Dental Care?

Ask about the qualifications and experience of the dental team, especially in pediatric dentistry. Our dentist has years of experience helping kids care for their smiles. We stay updated with modern technologies and solutions.

How Does Alba Dental Centre Make Dental Visits Fun for Kids?

A positive environment is crucial for children’s dental visits. Ask the dentist how they make dental care enjoyable for kids. Alba Dental Centre is designed with all patients in mind, including kids. We offer interactive visits and fun prizes for kids. Our goal is to make the dentist’s office in London a place kids want to be.

How Can You Help My Child with A Dental Emergency?

Emergencies happen, so it’s important to know about emergency dental care. Alba Dental Centre understands the urgency of dental emergencies and provides quick treatment to address children’s urgent dental needs.

Choose Alba Dental Centre’s Kids’ Dentist in London, ON

Alba Dental Centre in London, ON, is your top choice for children’s dentistry. With a mix of expertise, a child-friendly environment, and exceptional services, make dental visits enjoyable for your child.


We’re here to address any concerns and provide the best care for your little ones. Contact us and schedule your appointment with our children’s dentist in London today.

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