The Truth About Brushing Your Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Removal

The Truth About Brushing Your Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Removal

The last molars to develop are our wisdom teeth, and they tend to come in around our late teens or early twenties.


Wisdom teeth are not necessary for eating, and they can instead have a detrimental effect on our oral health. By the time these molars erupt, the rest of our teeth are in place. These molars can disrupt alignment, overcrowd your mouth, and put your other back molars at risk for tooth decay.


These are just some of the reasons why most dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal. It’s now common practice to extract wisdom teeth.


After the procedure, you’ll experience some swelling, pain, and tenderness. For some, the recovery can be pretty tough for the first couple of days.


That’s why so many patients wonder “when can I brush my teeth after wisdom tooth extraction?”


In reality, proper dental care is critical for healing after wisdom tooth extraction.


Here’s the truth about brushing your teeth after wisdom teeth removal.


When To Start Brushing

It’s common to experience a lot of soreness and discomfort after wisdom tooth extraction. Impacted wisdom teeth may cause even more tenderness when healing. Given the pain you may experience, when can you brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal?


Right away!


On the same day as your surgery, brush your front teeth as normal. For that day, avoid the back molars and extraction site. According to the American Dental Association, brush your mouth fully the day after surgery. So, the very next day you can brush your entire mouth.


Tips for Brushing Post-Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Most dentists recommend brushing fully the next day after your wisdom tooth surgery. Listen to the instructions your dentist provides you.


Do be careful with your brushing as your mouth heals. Some tips for brushing:

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, at least on the back teeth.

Take your time and be careful near the extraction area.

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating and drinking.

Use mild toothpaste.

Visit Our Wisdom Tooth Dentist in London, ON

Brushing after wisdom tooth extraction can be intimidating, but it’s very important for proper healing. Use the tips above to take care of your teeth after an extraction.


If you think you need wisdom tooth removal, the first step is to visit Alba Dental Centre today. Our knowledgeable dental team will examine your teeth to help you determine if wisdom tooth removal is right for you. We provide complete aftercare instructions to ensure healthy healing after wisdom tooth extraction.


Schedule your consultation for wisdom tooth removal in London today.

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