Keeping Your Smile Healthy: Exploring the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

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Facing a tooth problem? Root canal treatment at Alba Dental Centre can save your tooth and boost your overall dental health.


Learn more about the benefits of root canal therapy in London in this guide.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

At Alba Dental Centre in London, our team focuses on saving your natural teeth through effective root canal treatments. This procedure is designed to fix severe infections or damage that reach your tooth’s pulp. The goal is to get rid of the damaged pulp and make your tooth strong and healthy again.

How Root Canal Treatment Works

When you come to Alba Dental Centre, we start by numbing the area so you don’t feel any pain. Our skilled team then removes the infected or damaged tooth pulp and cleans your tooth thoroughly. Finally, we seal the tooth with a crown or filling.


Typically, a root canal only requires one appointment. Our experienced dentist in London can complete the process in 60-90 minutes most of the time. Before your procedure, we will give you a detailed estimate of how long it will take and what to expect.

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Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Consider root canal therapy if you have:

1. A fever and dental symptoms together

2. Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold

3. Biting or pressure causes tooth pain

4. Constant or intense tooth pain in one tooth

5. Damage or discoloration of the tooth

All of the above are signs of tooth decay or infection. Waiting too long puts your tooth at risk for extraction. Address your tooth concerns now.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Choosing root canal treatment over tooth extraction can preserve your smile. It restores your tooth, allowing you to eat and speak naturally. Plus, it keeps your smile looking good. The top benefits of a root canal include:

Alleviate pain

Prevent tooth loss

Revitalize your smile’s strength and appearance

Eat without pain or discomfort

Visit Alba Dental Centre for Root Canals in London

Root canal therapy is a good way to fix tooth pulp damage without removing the tooth. If you’re dealing with tooth problems, our team at Alba Dental Centre can help. We’ll check your teeth and work with you to decide the best treatment.


Trust us for root canal therapy in London. Contact us and make an appointment now for a healthier and brighter smile!

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